• Monday, January 16th, 2012

Recology driver featured last week on “Dirty Jobs.”

Yuba-Sutter represent!

— Cory James Larsen

I love “Dirty Jobs.” I cannot wait to see it. I think I could do a dirty job. Worms and stuff don’t brother me.

— Dorothy Forbes

Great work Laura! We’re proud of you and celebrating your “Dirty Jobs” premier at the Yuba County Facebook page.

— John Fleming

Way to go A-D to know when Mike Rowe was going to be in the area.

— Alyne Cameron

Pizza delivery driver beats up would-be robber, deputies say.

Girl Power! You Rock!

— Tammy Burgeson

Now this is the kind of story I like to hear about. Way to go girl!

— Jennifer Viviano

Sometimes you have to stand up to these thugs! Way to go whoever you are!

— David Camp

Now that’s how you do it! Good to see that other women will fight back. That’ll teach them! Now they can go tell all their buddies how a lady knocked the crud out of them when they tried to rob her!

— Tammy Walden Hodges

Driver leads CHP on high-speed chase in Yuba County.

We saw the end of this on Plumas Arboga Rd. on our way home from Lincoln Monday! We wondered why there where 5 or 6 police cars there for just 1 car!

— Patti Miller

I was driving on 70 when this was happening. It was like watching Fast and Furious all over again.

— Leanne Ridley

They went by me on Arboga Road right over the levee heading towards Sleep Train, but by then she was probably doing 40 mph. I noticed her tire was flat. Three chasing her and one more just a bit farther behind. Glad I didn’t come across that when whe was doing 110mph!

— Nan Sinkey

What else is new in California. It wouldn’t be normal unless there is a chase somewhere. lol

— Gwen Brooks

Dr. Ifeanyi Charles Igwegbe has vowed to fight his DUI offense.

The fact that he was a doctor and was driving intoxicated should have gotten him a tougher sentence.

— Kathy Kilgore

He was on his way to work? That explains the care given at Rideout. Sorry Doc… having an education doesn’t make you exempt from the law.

— Shondra Spray DuPree

The fact he was on his way to do surgery when he got the DUI scares me a bit. 30 Days & 5yrs prob that’s it he should have got more. I really hope he lost his licence to practice.

— Ken Davis

He believes he should be “pardoned because of his status as a doctor,” court records state. I once held my breath for 5 minutes. Does this mean I am exempt from paying parking tickets?

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